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Christmas Snowflake Biscuits

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Christmas snowflake biscuits. This was my first attempt with royal icing and I’m not too happy with the way they turned out. I think I know what went wrong so will know for next time I attempt to ice biscuits.
I like to make some spiced biscuits for Christmas and put them on the tree so they make the room smell nice but the recipe was very disappointing. It was so dry I just can’t use it again, have another though which I’ll use and turn up the spices even more - after all they don’t get eaten.

I drew out some patterns on a piece of paper that I wanted to make on the white icing - you can just make it out in the top left corner. But the patterns were too elaborate and the icing was a little too runny. Better luck next time - they still went on the tree though! The holes were made by a straw I punched in the dough before baking - a great tip.

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