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Felt Flowers and Upcycled Vase

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Really happy with my felt flowers which I was inspired to do after seeing a picture from Pinterest:
I used the same materials: felt cut into hearts (3 or 4 per flower) and leaves, florist tape, some twigs from the hundreds in my garden and a glue gun.

I applied a little glue at the base of the heart and applied it to the top of my twig. Three or four hearts makes a lovely flower. Then a small amount at the base of each leaf and applied to whereever looks good on the twig. Don't be tempted to overdo the leaves, I wouldn't apply more than two but depends on the length of the twig. I didn't use the brighter green leaves as I thought the darker green matched the twigs better.

You can see the tip of the twig peeping through, its nice to leave some at the top. After the glue hardens take the tape and wind it around the base of the petals. It makes the flower look neater and a little more authentic.

I liked the twig which had a 'branch', it has a nice curve. I didn't make too many for my little vase but a whole bunch would look lovely. If you're wondering about the vase its an old soy sauce bottle wrapped in string. I coated the vase in PVA glue and carefully wrapped the string around, very easy and looks rather lovely don't you think?

I might have caught a serious bug for making these flowers, I love their simplicity. Its nearing Mother's Day and this could make a nice thrifty gift. I think these are simple enough to make with an older child but making sure they are careful around the glue gun as holding the felt 'petals' onto the twig can be a little hot on the fingers!

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