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Summer Biscuits / Cookies

Monday, 21 July 2014

Here are my summer biscuits aka cookies that I decorated recently. The recipe for the sugar cookies is a simple recipe I got via Pinterest which modestly claims to be the best sugar cookie recipe so who am I to argue.
They do taste lovely and are perfect for the sweet icing on the top but I did prefer to leave them in the over for a few more minutes as they did look a little underdone after the recommended six to eight.

I used some ready to mix Royal Icing by Silver Spoon and coloured some of it using a red gel food colouring. I was going for a pastel pink so you can see I overdid it a touch and got red! So be careful with the gel colours as they are very colour intense. I also used my judgement with the consistency of the icing because I think the suggested amount on the packet would have made it too thin. Having said that I still went ahead and made it too thin, so I lost some definition on the finer details.

You can see on the left that I sketched some ideas on paper first. Some of these were too detailed as I found when it came to piping the icing, but I think I could have done better if the consistency was a little thicker. Will try that next time.

This flower turned out looking a bit more like a fried egg! I used a Jelly Tot for the centre of the flower. Overall though, these biscuits were a big success. I enjoyed the icing and will definitely be making more. They didn't hang around for long and were a good way to impress the mother-in-law!

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