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Team Umizoomi Bot Birthday Cake

This May I decided that I was gonna make my daughter's 3rd birthday cake. Last year I made a Pingu cake which was just a chocolate cake with some white frosting resembling snow, topped with some bought Pingu figures. It was well received but I wanted to make something much more memorable this year.
I was throwing her a Team Umizoomi party as its her favourite show, so it had to be one of the characters. After seeing a few cakes I decided, rather ambitiously, that it had to be a Bot cake!

He's my first ever character cake but I am very happy with how he turned out. He was very tasty too which is a bonus because he took a very long time to make. My daughter was delighted with him too. Here are some photos of the different stages he went through to get to his final splendid self.

This is Bot's body, four layers of cake sandwiched with chocolate and vanilla frosting. The cake mix and frosting was Betty Crocker's not my own, I just wasn't prepared to make my own given the mammoth task I knew I had ahead of me. In the background you'll see I made a model of his body, the larger circumference being the same size as my cake tin.

Using the model, I cut the body shape from the above cake then used the chocolate frosting to create a 'crumb coating'. This is something I learnt along the way, its a coating of frosting that will inevitably pull up some cake crumbs from the cake on application. A second coating then can be applied for a smooth finish. I refrigerated it between coatings to let the first layer solidify a little.

So next was the task of covering the body with fondant icing and here I did decide to make my own. I followed some recipes from Pinterest and YouTube to make marshmallow fondant which I read tasted better than the traditional version. Plus my daughter is obsessed with marshmallows. So it went well but when I came to roll it out it got very dry and was very stiff. It took far too long to roll and started getting what I now know is called 'elephant skin'. You can imagine what this looked like!

I pressed ahead regardless and fit the fondant over the body of the cake and it was a disaster. It looked awful and it was also very apparent that the cake was gonna be huge. So I cut all the fondant and frosting away and cut into the cake again to make a smaller body. Second time round the fondant went on much better and in the end I'm glad I made Bot a lot smaller as even in his smaller incarnation he was a big fella.

I set the body on a layer of orange fondant which I stuck on the cake base. You can see I made a bit of a mess at the side but this was rectified with some added flare. The bottom part of Bot's head was another cake layer covered in frosting again. This time the blue and black fondant was shop bought - time was running out! You can also see I stuck some wooden sticks through the body for stability.

At this point I was using a simple black and white print out of Bot as reference for the shapes I needed, plus I know the guy very well as I've watched him for hours on TV.

It was much more fun and satisfying when his features started getting added, and it was encouraging that I wasn't making a disastrous cake. Again another cake layer for the top part of his head. To get the dome shape I baked the cake in an ovenproof bowl. The eyes were just black and white fondant and the antenna was made with fondant but I used a lolly stick for stability so they were not edible. Also see those flares I added to cover up my dodgy icing on the base? The stars were very handy! Bot's 'belly screen' was cut by hand and the three was cut using a cookie cutter. I had to hide him overnight in the cupboard away from little girl's eyes.

Here he is complete with a few tell tale signs of construction. The arms were made with lolly sticks covered in fondant again and I held his left arm up using a cup and string as I wasn't confident it would stay in place overnight. Note the print out on the right which I used for creating the different components. His feet were individual cakes covered in a little frosting and blue fondant icing. I used a pen to give his feet some tread. The candles were held by a few more stars. This was the night before the party and I was really pleased to have him finished! After my daughter, he was the star of the show.

Bot went down a treat, my daughter was over the moon with him. He tasted great too thanks Betty. We ate his body at the party and I kept his head for the following day which was my daughter's actual birthday. So she got to blow candles out twice!

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, you deserved all the effort it took to make your one of a kind Bot cake xxx

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