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Christmas Present Cake

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

As Christmas is fastly approaching I thought I should post my Christmas cake I decorated last year. The cake itself is not made by myself, its a gift given to my mother by a friend - the challenge is what to do with it each year. Its just for fun, so last year I decided to have a go at a simple box shape which looks quite effective.
I started by cutting the cake into two squares, one larger square and the second an amalgamation of the offcuts. I stuck the pieces of the smaller cake together with a little apricot jam, then coated all the cakes with more jam to make the marzipan stick.

Then on with the red fondant icing, which I bought, though this year I would be tempted to have a go at making my own marshmallow fondant following my adventures with Bot.

I then added fondant icing ribbon to the edges using some mixed icing as glue. For adding dots to the 'wrapping paper' I marked where they needed to go with a toothpick. Then the dots were added:

For the smaller cake I reversed the process, red ribbon on white wrapping, but no dots this time. I did try to use some of the leftover red fondant to create an edible bow but that didn't work out, so I just added a shop bought gift bow which matched perfectly with the icing. Job done!

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