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Dolly Plum

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

For anyone with a little one in the UK I don't think you can escape 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom'. There are a few episodes where Nanny Plum is turned into 'Dolly Plum' by the naughty twins.
My daughter loved these episodes, but buying one of these dolls was out of the question because its so obscure, so enter crafty me to make Dolly Plum.

I've never made a doll before and I know there are lots of tutorials out there but I chose to go solo for some crazy reason! I sketched out some shapes on paper using some images of Dolly Plum as reference, then went to town cutting out shapes using the template I'd sketched. In the following shot you can see the pieces I'd sewn together and stuffed. The shoes were sewn directly onto the leg. The face was hand stitched using chain stitch and satin stitch with embroidery thread.

I created a 3D like shape for the head using two circles and a banana like shape for the sides. When all the pieces were stuffed I hand stitched all the body parts together. The dress was added before the head was attached, and I found the hair really tricky but got there in the end. The hair bun was easy to make, helped by the fact that I used lycra and it was a good material to work with because of its stretchy quality.

Here is the finished Dolly Plum...

"Dolly Plum, lots of fun!"

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  1. This is amazing! What a great job you have done! You really captured Nanny/Dolly/Baby Plum! My little ones would absolutely love something like this as they are always running around singing "Baby Plum, lots of fun!" Lol! :)


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