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Girl's Decoupage Table - Ikea Hack!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

For Christmas 2013 I decided my daughter's present would be a doll's house - well every little girl should have one really! The issue was what to stand it on. Her room has minimal space and I was not splashing out on a fancy table, so naturally I thought of customising a cheap table which is where Ikea steps up to the mark.
I purchased a white Ikea Lack table for £5 with the plan to decoupage colourful paper to the surface.

I didn't want to cover it completely, just the top and some of the legs. I gathered an array of paper, some gift wrap, some scraps from card-making projects and some free wallpaper samples I got online. Then I set about planning how I would arrange them on the table.

When happy with my pieces I covered the table top with a layer of slightly watered down PVA glue. I know there is such thing as 'Mod Podge' for decoupage but to my knowledge PVA works just as well, and I've never seen Mod Podge for sale in the UK. Then I set about sticking paper to the edges of the table top, covering them with more glue as I went along.

Its a sticky process but fun and very rewarding as you see it coming together. I kept sticking until I covered the entire table top.

You can see in the shots that I folded the paper over the front edge of the table. The scalloped paper is actually cut out so that the white of the table top shows through. Also, I cut out a leaf design from a piece of wallpaper sample I had, then carefully stuck this down onto the table top.

Below is the complete table with some more additions to the top. Again there are some more cut out shapes: a bird to the right hand corner with a bird house, another bird on a branch plus leaf in the far corner and another large leaf to the left. I really think this breaks up the angular shapes of the pieces covering the table top.

When dry, I coated the decoupage with 2 layers of clear varnish. The first coat was a bit awkward as it does end up 'reactivating' the PVA so you get a little sticky again, but the second coat is much easier to apply.

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